SPECIAL NOTE: Before studying this outline, we strongly suggest studying the lessons entitled: HOPE FOR YOUR CHALLENGES, INTERPERSONAL RELATIONSHIPS and THE MARRIAGE RELATIONSHIP, as they are a preface to this specific challenge.

What is a Family?

     According to Webster, it is described as:

  1. all the people living in the same house.
  2. (a) A group consisting of the two parents and their children
    (b) the children of the same parents
    (c) one’s husband (or wife) and children
  3. A group of people related by blood or marriage; relatives
  4. All those descended from a common ancestor; tribe, clan or race.

Looking at that list, this web page could get very involved as the topic is much too large. Since we’ve already touched on relationships within marriage and everyday life with others, we will focus primarily on point 2 in the list above; namely, PARENTING.

There are so many books available today on the subject of parenting and family relations. Every author that is interested in the subject has given his or her ideas. Sometimes these ideas agree and sometimes they vary. How do we know WHO is right? Do we have time to read all that’s written before we make that decision?

Praise God He has given us His Word as a "a lamp onto our feet and a light unto our path". We can disregard the compelling need to search everything written. We have the wonderful privilege of knowing God’s view of the situation and when we do have time to read what other authors have written, we’ll immediately know if it agrees with God’s plan.

Since we’re dealing with Christian lifestyles on this website, we will now assume that the goal of Christian parenting is to train the child to become a fully functional, responsible member of God’s family with a lifestyle that embraces God’s eternal principles.

We may then ask the question: What DOES God teach parents about family principles?


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