SPECIAL NOTE: Before studying this outline, we strongly suggest studying the lesson entitled: HOPE FOR YOUR CHALLENGES, as it is a preface to this specific challenge.

ANXIETY… "I’m not sure my check will stretch to the end of the month! What will I do?

FEAR … "Every time I get in an airplane, I'm afraid I won't make it to my destination."

WORRY … "Every time Rod leaves the house, I expect he will have a car accident."

Do any of the above statements ring a bell with you? It would be unusual for any person to say they have never experienced the "big 3" (anxiety, fear or worry) at any time in his/her life! Jesus knew what a big thing it was for us to fight this, so He gave us over 365 promises in the Bible assuring us that we need not fear! That’s at least one promise a day for an entire year!

So let’s ask ourselves two questions:

  1. Has any good ever come from anxiety, fear and worry?
  2. Have we been able to focus better and have abundant energy while experiencing any of the "big 3"?

Beginning with "How Does God View my Challenge?" let's look at the following questions for our answers.


It is suggested that if this is your first time through this lesson, that you work through the above links in the order they are given as there is a sequence. For your convenience, these links are offered to give you faster access for repeated reviewing.

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