SPECIAL NOTE: Before studying this outline, we strongly suggest studying the lesson entitled: HOPE FOR YOUR CHALLENGES, as it is a preface to this specific challenge.

What is "Anger"?

Noah Webster says: "…emotional agitation aroused by great displeasure that may result from injury, mistreatment, opposition, etc."

Can "Anger" be controlled?

Why, of course. We can "control" it on the job, on the phone, when someone comes to the door or in any special circumstance!!!
But is the heart changed? Or are the feelings only temporarily covered up in those instances?

In looking at the Webster definition we can see anger originates from supposed injury or hurt. We become angry when "self" is being threatened. Someone destroys our self-esteem, dislikes our opinions or ideas, threatens our well being and we rage or sulk!! 

Anger is strengthened through weariness (lack of good rest), destructive habits (drugs, alcohol, bad eating habits)... to name a few.

Unresolved anger provokes brooding, resentment, and bitterness,  which can result in serious physical illness.

For many, anger has become a habit; the habit of expressing yourself in the wrong way. It is a challenge to try to remove the habit, or to even believe it needs to be removed.

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